Introducing: Tascha the Wonder Dog
Meet Indy, our newest recruit!
Many have asked about Tascha, fondly our wonder dog, so I thought it was time for an introduction.

Tascha was supposed to be a cat.  Yes, there's a story here.  My daughter, Amanda, wanted a kitten for her birthday.  She was 18 and it seemed a reasonable request.  Gentlemen you know the kind of trouble those reasonable requests can cause.  So off went wife and daughter, for a kitten.  They found Tascha at the Martinez, CA animal shelter.  She was under-weight, barely weened, and set to be put down.  They reasoned they were saving a life and after all she was only the size of a kitten.  They must have missed the overly large paws.  I got the call, the ladies were bringing the "animal" home.  The "animal" had a name, Tascha.

Upon arrival at the house, my giddy, lovable, impulsive wife and my tender-hearted daughter presented their find: lock, stock and RETRIEVER!! 
Here kitty kitty.  In the words of Ricky Ricardo, "Oh, Lucy, you have some spaining to do!" 

My daughter went off to meet life head on and my wife and retriever hog the bed. Some
My wife lost her beloved, Shadow in May 2006.  If you believe in signs, miracles, or providence, you will understand the healing this little girl, Indy, brought to our lives in July 2006.  She picked us, in fact she jumped up and wrapped her paws around my wife.  She hasn't let go since!
Tribute to Shadow: small of body, large of heart.

I will let my wife handle this one.
Hi, I'm Mrs4wheelBob.  Shadow came to me a rescue dog.  She had been found beaten, broken, and barely alive.  I think God must have been watching her though.  She was rescued, but unlike so many rescue dogs whose spirits never recover, hers never faltered.  She was bright, suuny, excited from the day I met her.  Guess how she got her name.  Yes, she was a Tri-pod, but her nickname was Shadow-Monster.  She was a wild crazed puppy and later a pushy ruler of our house.

Now I know all of you like Bob alot, but in order for us the be married, the dog had to like him too.  Yes, I know we women make men jump hoops, but I had had previous poor judgement.  I figured the dog might have better instincts than me.  Yep, she di and we married Bob.