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I'm one of those people who has in his "Favorites" several sources of quotes to cover just about any occasion. Need something for  Pearl Harbor Day parade? I can find it. How about something for the incoming Secretary of the Interior? Oh, my...the choices are limitless.

As for me, I keep it simple. I tack up quotes from W.C. Fields, Teddy Roosevelt, even "Dilbert", since so many of the comic strips seem to be based on something in my office, as witnessed by a hidden camera.

My favorite, though, is one I happened on while cruising on the paved trail at Sycamore Grove in Livermore. I had just stopped to watch red headed woodpeckers going to work on a dead walnut tree, then less than 50 yards later came face to face with a huge Great Blue Heron. A short distance farther and I watched a bobcat stalking something, looking very much like a huge housecat in its indifference to me and total focus on its "prey".

I thought to myself "this must be the best day ever!"

Then I asked - why was this day any different from that time at Yosemite, or the Bighorn Sheep on White Mountain, or the Sagebrush Mariposa Lillies at Lava Beds Nat'l Monument? Why, indeed?

Maybe it was what I saw in those places, what I seem to find no matter where I go or what I do. Maybe its an ability of mine to find something interesting, educational and positive in every realm I wander. But it led me to these words, the six little words I have taped to my monitor at work:

"Make this your best day ever!"

It's a little Forrest Gumpian in its simplicity, but I've been compared to worse. The worst of days will be left behind, never to be seen again. Make this day your best day ever! You'll find things about yourself you might not otherwise have known.....

2008-12-16 18:49:38 GMT
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