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And HEY! - Let's be CAREFUL out there!

Driving to work this week has revealed an interesting new phenomenon - the California Highway Patrol has stepped up enforcement of speed laws on the two freeways I use to get to the office, I - 580 & I - 680 (no, Southern Californians - it's not "The 580" in these parts!). For the past two weeks, CHP officers have been knocking off speeders by the dozen.

I'm not one of them, thankfully. But it came to mind that because the State's budget problems are so severe, and our elected bodies can't seem to agree with each other, that stricter enforcement of vehicle code violations might help alleviate the pain of a State without cash. At least the officers could justify not having their budget whacked in the cutbacks the Guv proposes. On I - 680 in the early morning commute, 70 MPH will get you run over by impatient plumbers and cable repairmen. Now they're getting popped, which is my kind of justice.

I ask you only to pay closer attention to your driving habits, because if my little shot of anecdotal evidence is of any value at all it will enlighten us to just one State agency's methods of justifying their piece of the pie. Maybe some of you have already fallen to this recently reactivated revenue source. Besides, speeding is dangerous. It can screw up an innocent driver or pedestrian's day, sometimes for good. Keep your eyes wide open, and watch your speedometer. And take heart - that car that just passed you might be the one that balances our budget!

2009-01-15 17:03:06 GMT
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Hey! I will always call all freeways "THE" that includes THE 580! LOL. Yes, I was born and raised in So Cal. I'm not ashamed.
2009-01-15 20:23:36 GMT
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