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Adding to That "Things To Do" List - Again

It doesn't matter much how many years I've been on this planet. Each year I create a list of what I hope to do, hiking - wise, that year. And each year the list keeps growing. This one is no exception.

The problem stems from our East Bay Regional Park District continuing to grow, opening new opportunities monthly, or so it would appear. Then there are the more arduous trails I may have placed on the secondary list at some point in time, but have now graduated them to the "A" list - the Bay Area's Mid Peninsula Open Space trails would be the best example. There are a thousand opportunites over "there", on the west side of the Bay. But I've not taken time to explore much. That will change in 2009, perhaps as early as April.

With recent rainfall, the number of awesome wildflower trips will expand to 2, including not only the annual Carrizo Plain N.M. run, but a long day trip to the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve near Lancaster, CA. In January, I hadn't expected much of a wildflower display, but then the rains came. Now I'll have to be very choosy lest I chase down the bloom into summer.....not that that's a bad thing, however.

And I want to make a trip to the new Cache Creek Wilderness near Lake County, CA. I've been told there is "no way" to explore this new wilderness in a wheelchair. That assessment simply required I add it to my list. I can at least get a cursory view in a long day outing from my home.

So now you know what I have to endure every year. The optimist in me tries to fit 500 hiking days into a couple hundred spaces. Although mathematically impossible, I've been known to push the envelope and nearly disprove long - accepted principles of numbers. I guess as a hiker I fit an authentic "round peg in square hole" role anyway. Let's see - 4 hikes each weekend day all year, and one a day during the week, I could smash that 500 hikes number. It's possible, right?

I heartily recommend you sending me an e - mail if you lack the motivation to get out and explore. Believe me, I can get you started. In fact, let me give you a list.....

2009-03-11 16:44:25 GMT
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Hi Bob, Why the hell didn't you tell us? Do you think we can't take it? We're really sorry but know better things are down the rode for you. Hang in there, Love, Mom and Pop
--C Coomber
2009-04-22 03:52:53 GMT
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