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Mark Those Calendars!

Tonight has been a bit more productive than most lately. We picked up some Mexican take - out from our favorite, Anita's Taqueria in Livermore, then headed home to compose a slide show of my White Mountain trip. It's curious that I feel a little awkward continuing to bring that particular trip to the surface all the time, but there has been so much comment, so many e - mails and comments on a variety of blog sites that I may be OK mentioning it a time or two...

What, you may be asking, is the point of this slide show, and the "calendar" comment in the title? Well, try this - and I hope to see all of you there - I will be presenting this show of approximately 1 hour in length at the Concord REI store in The Willows shopping center, just off Hwy 680. It'll be shown November 6 (Tuesday) at 7 PM.

I understand that's an election day, so vote early and often, and plan on a visit to the Concord REI that night. I'll remind you as the date closes in, but I wanted to give those of you with oppressively busy social calendars a chance to check off the date in order to attend. And, quite frankly, I'd really enjoy meeting as many of you as I can! Oh, yeah - I'll answer any questions you might be able to toss my way...about this trip, that is...

2007-10-04 05:09:29 GMT
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