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Planning for "Relay", 2008

It wouldn't take long for someone searching my doings (STALKER!!!!) to find that the American Cancer Society's annual "Relay For Life" of Livermore is an event for which I hold a great passion. Our 2007 24 - hour walk around the Livermore High School track was wonderful, raising (so far) more than $260,000 - all from a single 24 - hour community campout.

My guess is that you, just like me, have family, friends or acquaintences that have been affected by cancer. It's almost impossible to find anyone who's not experienced the diagnosis of some form of cancer, whether personally or in their family. My sister, for example, is a 6 year breast cancer survivor. My wife was diagnosed with a form of lymphoma just over a year ago. In their cases, their devotion to life and living has carried them through some very rough stretches. And "Relay" is about them, and supporting their fight.

The success of our 2007 event was so wonderful that we've been itchin' to get back in the saddle, make the 2008 event even more fun and productive for the ACS. Tonight a few of us who were part of the steering committee last year met to discuss what worked, what didn't and where we could enhance the experience for all who take the step forward and participate. I'll be back on committee once again, and hope to have some time to help recruit teams, sponsors, and participants.

Our official kick off meeting is in January. With all the latent energy flowing around the committee members, we may have it all worked out by then! I'll keep you in the loop as "Relay" comes together, and invite you to join us at our event. Check with your local ACS about your local "Relay", too. You'll come away from your first event feeling very, very good about life, I guarantee. It's a program worthy of our support. I'll be there doing my 140 laaps or so, as usual. Having your support would be wonderful!

2007-10-04 05:30:01 GMT
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