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Spring Is How Far Away?

Boy, I tell's been a heck of a week.

The job has been a cacophony of chaos. A new operating system replaced one we'd used for 20 years, and in a switch that should've taken 6 months to properly plan, the execution of the plan to get us up and running on the new system was exposed as an outright fraud. We did manage to set some precedent, though - we took two sites down completely for the better part of two days while trying to identify what went wrong and how to repair it. That was Monday. We didn't expect a perfect changeover, no, not by a longshot. But we outdid ourselves with this one. Our well - intentioned training was so high - level that our end users were almost completely in the dark when attempting to sign on and get to work. And if that weren't enough, a second, peripheral system was tossed into the mix, completely muddying the swirling waters.

Sitting on conference calls most of the day as we tried to learn our new platform was daunting enough. But having to manage people on the floor while sequestered in a conference most of the day only added to the misdirection. We tried, tried really hard to be all things to all people, but just couldn't pull it off. System changes are rarely pleasant, this one was just less pleasant than most. Add to that the loss of critical members of the management team to layoffs two weeks ago and...well, you get the picture.

Now it's Thursday. I'm grateful to be home, finally, after a week of 6:30 AM to 8 PM days. Never got a chance to leave the office. Rarely got a lunch. But slowly it's coming together. Our users are "getting it." There's a level of function now, as if the hamsters on the treadmill - driven generators have cranked it up once more, and the office slowly gets up to speed. I look forward to getting through the week bent, broken but still employed, as I'd gotten close to walking away from it on Wednesday. Could writing the book be any more difficult? The part of me that says "I enjoy a paycheck" convinced me to tough it out and pray it gets better.

So no gym, hiking or exercise this week. Got my back - up chair so hiking this weekend is out of the question, and I haven't had a chance to send the broken beast off to the factory yet.  There are no easy trails these days, real or metaphoric. I look at my shrinking calendar and it's without hope, as it stops at December.

But the darkest hour, I've been told,is just before dawn. The lights are off, nobody's home, so I'll wait out these dark times, see if some wiseass in Hollywood finds the 4wheelbob story  a worthy project. Maybe I'll take some time off, just until the smoke clears, and write. Or roll. Or just pause to look around.

I've got a bit of advice for you, those who coinstantly want to find a newer, but not necessarily better way of processing information. Ask yourself this - does what you have work, and is there sufficient capacity for future growth? If so, yet you insist on going forward, please check your ego at the door, and take a moment to consider that for your perceived growth in stature, and for all the backpatting you keep doing, you're wearing the Emporer's New Clothes.  They're not pretty either, Bunkie!

2007-11-09 06:37:12 GMT
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