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Reaching Back to Get Back

These are the times that try men's souls, it was once said. So many cliches - "when the going gets tough...", etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Last night I began to take charge of my life again. And it was easy. I got off early enough to go to the gym, as I certainly had been neglectful lately.

It wasn't that I'd suddenly lost focus. There was no malaise on my part. But the last month or so have been pressure packed, so much so that it might seem a gift to be told my job had dried up and moved east.

And I needed to take hold of what's made me, well, "me" during the course of a lifetime. This night, it was simply a trip to the gym. To get out and lift, to adapt my routines to my fill - in chair. Just to feel some kind of physical actvity, to get a short jump start into the Winter. My brief session revealed a lot. I seemed to have lost my wind. I wasn't able to lift the weights I could manage only 6 weeks ago. Yet I was encouraged that I could still handle something. It was good to get back to what I hope will be a routine. Clearly, I have a long way to go.

So maybe it's not quite back to square one. I could say "this is the low point; it'll get better from here...". But this one's on me. It won't "get better" unless I make it happen. I'll be back at the gym, through the pain of working back to a prime trail gliding force, and get to the point I'm comfortable getting out. I'll be listening for the scream of the hawk, the rustle of manzanita leaves in a cool Livermore hills Autumn, or draw in the aroma of the Laurels and Digger pines. I look forward to this relatively minor challenge in a lifetime full of challenges. Can I do it as I approach another year passing? You bet. Without question.

I'll be ready for whatever 2008 can throw at me. The switch has been turned, the "on" button pressed....the gaunlet dropped at my feet. I hope you all get your fair share of exercise, that you may use the invigoration to take on life's demons and soundly trample them. That's my plan. Through it all, we'll persevere.

2007-11-15 06:10:57 GMT
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