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It Came to Me in a Dream

I did a little thinking last night about things I want to accomplish in 2008, things I want to see and do. While sleeping rather fitfully last eve, I had a dream of a place I most certainly mispronuonced, but recognized instantly when I got up this morning and Googled it - Aconcagua.

That name was a mere mention during the course of this visit to slumberland, but it grabbed me. And the more I thought about the hordes on Kili the more I thought about staying near home, here in the Western Hemisphere. Argentina sound so much nicer right now, too.

At 22,841 feet, this would be a far more interesting summit to attempt than Kili. And in a wheelchair, well heck - who knows? I've not a clue about the peak, but pulled some preliminary information off the 'net today. Nothing I read diminished my interest. Many posts and articles claim this is an "easy" 22er....heh heh...I wonder what rates as difficult to them? (no, I have no desire to give K2 a shot...)

So there. A brief bit about an idea. And ideas grow on me, as soon enough I find myself saying "why not?" Why not consider it? I bet no wheelchair's been THERE!

Without any confirmed destinations to date, I'm game. I think I'll e - mail The Discovery Channel or something and see if they're interested in sponsoring a match of Unmitigated Gall taking on Godzilla. UM to earth - heck, I'm ready. I hear there's an inn at 14,000+....and why not get Patagonia involved for a trip get it - why won't they?

So there we go. A plan. 4wheelbob attacks! I can see the headlines in the Patagonia Panderer or whatever the local rag is called. As soon as my chair is done <drums fingers anxiously on desk>, I'll get to training in earnest. And some travel info. A guide or two. I can feel this one.....


2008-01-01 03:59:41 GMT
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