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Just a Few More Days...

I took a drive today up California's Highway 4, a road whose western terminus is on the shores of San Francisco Bay, and ends near the small Alpine County seat of Markleeville.

In winter, it's closed at Lake Alpine, near the ski resort town of Bear Valley. With a perfect day for a midwinter romp in the snow, I grabbed some time to enjoy a warm (mid - 40's) afternoon.

To be honest, there wasn't a heck of a lot I could do. I'm still in my replacement chair (mine's finished Jan. 18 - hoo - RAW!), but you just have to make th emost of a day like this. Instead of lamenting all the things restricting me, I just got out and set forth...

Lake Alpine in winter is a snowmobiler's paradise. And they were out today, in force. I was able to play hockey puck for a bit, as the several - feet - deep base layer of snow was slicker than a TV preacher on the cable stations. It takes a bit to get up on the track, but once there I had a fantastic workout, making the most of what little I could do. I stayed only 3 hours, which begged the question - was it worth 5 hours on the road for a couple of hours of this?

Heck, yes. And I'd do it again tomorrow if I could. It was a perfect winter day, after the storms of the first week of the new year, th elegacy left in the Sierra seems to point to an end of our short term water crisis. It might mean a repeat of 2005's ultimate wildflower season, too. I'm pleased I was able to see what was left just a few days ago. That made it worth the trip.

I'm home now, and have the maps out plotting early summer trips to Duck Lake, maybe back to Highland Peak....sorry this seems a little insubstantial, but I'm still busy being elated over the way this day turned out. May you all have a day like this, a perfect winter day, to help get your week off to a perfect start.  

2008-01-14 05:36:40 GMT
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