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Time Continues Flying

I eagerly awaited the call last Wednesday afternoon. As I sat at my desk, getting ready for the long drive south to Corona, CA the next day, I waited for confirmation that all was in order, my new wheelchair was ready for me to put on a fresh coat of dirt and trail grime.

The call came just as I was wrapping up the afternoon. I'd placed "out of office" messages on my e - mail and a "see ya Monday" message on my phone. The message threw me for a loop - "Mr. Coomber, I'm so sorry but when we received the new chair the paint was bubbled and running, with drips all over. We sent it back to the paint shop to be stripped and repainted." I asked how long it would take. She said she'd do all she could to get it shipped off to me early this week, if the painters had done it right.

It's not so amusing having to wait for a custom - made chair. Each measurement is custom fitted to me, as a fine Italian suit would be. It's ergonomically perfect. That much is obvious considering how painful my replacement ride is, especially during my usual 12 - 15 hour workdays. I wish this small manufacturer had the readiness instincts of a large one, like Quickie or Invacare. Although those chairs are second rate, their appeal is to a different audience. I call them "wheel Grandma into the corner and let her sit in the sun" chairs. There's not an ounce of athleticism built in. But at least they can turn them out by the trainload.

so by midweek, perhaps I'll be singing a different tune. Ol' Paint may be back, the ride will fit, the bumps smoother, the trail more inviting because my elbows and shoulders won't have that chronic ache to them. Meanwhile, I make a small effort to retain some semblance of strength and shape. Once returned to me, Ol' Paint and I will again be fixtures at the gym.

Until then, it's like a bad dream from which I cannot wake. As if it's Godot, I'm waiting faithfully without cause to do so.  There is only hope left. I'll cal tomorrow morning and see if it's on the way. If not, well....let's see just how adaptable I can be!


2008-01-22 05:00:27 GMT
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