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It's A Great Time To Get Into Shape - Again

I love this time of year, usually. My last post sums up a little frustration, while I am more positive with this one.

It's raining today here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and they say it'll be raining tomorrow. It's post - holidays time, which means many of us still have resolutions and a conscience working. Now's the time to put idle time to work for you.

There are a thousand things anyone can do to stay in shape in winter, even if you don't belong to a gym. I'll bet there are tenfold as many excuses why people won't go, too. If weight loss or conditioning really has some importance to you, there's no time like the present to make it happen - because you can. Anyone can.

Unfortunately, my success can be attributed to only one thing. Yours will be, too. That thing is relentless, hard work. It means finding ways to work out when it's clearly a challenge to make time for it. It takes commitment, it takes a person to ditch the TV - style instant gratification of the variety of weight loss supplements and drugs. I manage hours and hours in the gym every week. The payoff? I can go where no wheelchair has gone before. Imagine being able to walk and having the strength and wind to do anything - can you picture yourself doing that?

I hear lots of excuses (yes, they are!) from people much younger than me telling me about all the aches and pains they get from walking on a treadmill. That's pathetic! My advice to them? Walk faster. Walk longer. Run once in awhile. Go as far, lift as much as you did last night, and bump up the routine a notch each time you work out.

Age has little to do with the success or failure of a "get in shape" plan. Your key is in the mirror - only you can make the effort, only you will reap the rewards. And only you can condemn yourself to failure.

Wow! That's a lot of fire and brimstone, eh? But I'm convinced anyone who accepts this challenge can succeed. In fact, if you are reading this, leave a comment. Let me know what you're doing to get in shape this winter. I'll post some specifics about my workout routine if I hear from some of you.

Meanwhile, get busy. You've only this life to make your mark. Do it in style!


2008-01-22 05:14:40 GMT
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