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Dealing With A Week's Smoke...

It's Thursday. By now, I would've thought the air would clear. It's day 5 after an incredible aturday during which dry lightning started 842 wildfires of varying intensity in California. While most have been put out, firefighting resources are beyond thin - CalFire is literally choosing to save structures and let wildland fires burn. Local FD's are providing mutual aid to the largest fires. And those of us who are chronically physically active have been hamstrung by foul air, thick smoke and breathing compromises for 5 days....

But another thought came to mind during all this turmoil, with Gina's help - besides the obvious, like trees, grass and shrubs, just what the hell are we breathing these days? Do we want to know? Think about it.

Contained in many of the homes and buildings consumed by these fires are all those things typically found in a home - furniture, cleaning supplies...and more. What percentage of this smoke is dirty laundry, the kitchen garbage, maybe plastic "personal pleasuring devices"? How much of this stuff are we taking in? Could this be the biggest reason it's gotten almost impossible to breathe?

I'm not writing this to make light of anyone's personal tragedy. I just want to bring to your attention that the composition of the air we're breathing right now can be deadly toxic....maybe there's a little humor in there somewhere, but the fact is we're not just sucking in nice pine and oak forests tempered with native grasses.


There's a whole load of crap burning out there, Northern Californians. Be careful how much you exercise. Stay indoors when possible. And if that smoky smell happens to turn kinda funky every so often....well, do your best to curb your imagination!

2008-06-27 03:04:57 GMT
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