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Michael Savage, You Have the Freedom to Speak...

Radio talk show muffin head Michael Weiner, AKA Michael Savage sunk to a new low, even for him as he lambasted autistic kids and their parents during an on - air rant last week. His version was, as usual, short of facts but long on appeal to his target audience - pissed off middle class, barely educated individuals who, instead of looking for ways to repair things, seek only to feed their anger. Usually, the rants have targeted ethnic groups or political opposites. This is the first time he's taken on autistic people.

I'm disabled, as some of you know quite well. It doesn't take much to cause Mr. Weiner to spout off at just about anyone. But in his zeal to blame someone for America's woes, why has he never performed the most obvious method? Try looking in the mirror, Mr. Weiner. As you continually seek to find new ways to polarize entire groups of people, and make headlines doing it, you bring to mind the propoganda machines of pre - WWII Germany, in which institutionalized hatred of entire segments of people brought forth disastrous results. One might think we'd be a little more enlightened these days, eh?

Without getting too deep, here's what I propose. I'm not among those asking for your removal from the airwaves. But I have choices too. Mr. Weiner has a powerful soapbox from which to spew because he has big money sponsors supporting him. It's easy to listen for awhile and hear who the sponsors are, or just take a look at the many websites who name the sponsors with hopes good people will simply avoid buying from them.

He has a right to speak his mind, as do we all. Let him. But it won't be on my dime. I'll take my money as far from any of his sponsors as I can. Maybe he feels there's no harm in hating autistic kids and scoffing at the effort their parents take on to help them as they age. Maybe that's OK to him....

But, Mr. Weiner, it's one thing to pick on kids who can't help themselves or answer your complaints. I sit here in my wheelchair and offer this challenge to you - I'll come to your studio and we'll arm wrestle, make it a contest. You pick which arm (I'm left handed, so you might think you'll gain an advantage by picking right), and if you lose, you pick up your toys and go home. Leave the airwaves. For good.

Meanwhile, even though I used to buy stuff one of your major sponsors produces, I will do so no more. I want to hear from you, Mr. Weiner. I'm sure you're tough enough to take on a 53 year old in a wheelchair. Let's see you put your money where your mouth is, instead of blowing hatred from every oriface each time you're on the air.

You have a problem with that? Let me know. You know where to find me, and if you don't thousands of good people do. Hope to hear from you, Mr. Weiner. 

2008-07-28 17:50:31 GMT
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Hey Bob, There is a post on Trail Forum at, from a guy named wheelman, he is wanting to pave the Applachain Trail, so he can do it. It would be great if you could read everything and then give us a very well respected veiw, because alot of us admire you and your drive and courage. Don't know if you can post on there but it would be great if you could. I'm planning to hike the AT next yesr, would love to have you out there with us....Crawl
2008-09-22 16:03:35 GMT
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