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Keep It Up, America!

I'm such an optimist. I believe that good things will happen to good people, that the sick can be cured, even that the 49ers will one day be in the playoffs THAT takes faith.

So I read in the financial news this morning that crude oil prices are once again dipping because of overstocks here in the US of A. That means we'll see some tangible results at the pump, as the price per gallon will continue dropping even if crude prices go up - as long as the demand remains indifferent.

And that's where you come in. We've done a pretty good job as a nation this summer, rediscovering our legs and feet and leaving the car at home more often. We've learned how to live, and live well, even without firing up the Suburban to go the two blocks to the library. Our fuel frugality has paid off in a drop in retail prices. Good job!

But lest we get overconfident and plan mega - trips for Labor Day or the rest of the year - it will take just a small bump on the demand front to begin the price increase cycle again. Pricing of anything is based on the demand for that good or commodity. Keep up the vigilance and ask yourself as you're climbing into the car, "is this trip really necessary?"

Because we have a national mindset with which to contend, that of the American Moto Maniac who wakes up in the morning, jumps in the car and tends to feel powerless without that freedom. It takes a lot of self control to reevaluate habits and move the cultural needle to a less consumptive way of life. 

It does me good to see the financial news every day, to find that Exxon, Standard Oil and the rest are sitting on a glut of supply right now. But it'll be that way only as long as we, the consumer, offer to find alternatives to indiscreet consumption. We're on the right track. Now we just have to keep it going!

Jump on this bandwagon with me. We've already made the difference Washington and Sacramento couldn't (none of us are beholden to lobbyists, right?). I'm looking forward to this market changing us in ways that will make us happier and healthier!


2008-08-20 18:07:12 GMT
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