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We Built A Trail This Weekend

Gina and I noticed a flyer in Sunrise Mountain Sports, Livermore's finest outdoors store. It had been placed there by a group, v-o-cal, asking for volunteers to build a loop at Brushy Peak Regional Preserve. Since this is one of my "home" parks, we signed up.

I'm not usually a fan of such group efforts. In the past, those I've joined were led by ideologues who felt compelled to preach to me all day about whatever it was their group was promoting. So we made it to Brushy Peak Saturday morning, not knowing quite what to expect.

The short version is this - v-o-cal is organized, full of energy and enthusiasm, and although they've been around only two years has a following that provided for ample crew strength throughout the weekend.

The organizers have this stuff down to a science. We were well fed at the group campground a few miles away (Del Valle Regional Park), and although bones were universally weary Saturday night, spirits were high enough that most of the crew returned to complete the job Sunday.  Gina and I bailed, to be honest - I'd developed some big blisters which made getting out to the work site painful. But when we returned home, I immediately got on their website looking for another such project of which I could become a part.

I highly recommend the experience. People of all ages and abilities were welcomed and put to work. We met some new friends, assumed ownership of a beautiful new loop and will go back constantly to marvel at our work and the views that were opened up as a result of the new trail's completion.

So...4wheelbob says: two wheels UP for v-o-cal! Will I do this again? In a heartbeat! Just say where and when! Check 'em out at

2008-09-16 15:50:47 GMT
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