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America's premier wheelchair hiker speaks.
Update - 1st Camp Reached

Update on 4WheelBob: He has reached and set up camp at the Round Valley Backpack Camp.  Bob called to say all is well and he feels great. There is Pig scat outside the the backpack campgroundand  no other campers.  The Campground is fenced in to keep PIGS out (human and non-human varieties).  4WheelBob says FYI - the outhouse is AWESOME.  He saw one 5"+ Taranchula.  Tomorrow morning he says starts easy with a downhill only to turn uphill [nasty, extreme] for the rest of the day.  Gina will catch up to Bob where the Highland Ridge Trail crosses Morgan Territory Rd to drop of fresh supplies and get more updates for you.  4wheelbob signing off for the evening.

2008-10-25 23:41:35 GMT
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