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Day 2 of the Diablo Regional Trail

By now Bob is all tucked in for the night.  He gave me an update on the day when I met him where the Highland Ridge Trail crosses Morgan Territory Road.  Like a good trail angel I plied him with Hot, Fresh Coffee, a hardy sandwich, more water, and clean clothes.  I guess you really don't smell if there is not one around to tell you, you do.

He told me that today was about the most difficult, steep trail he has done since White Mtn. He was too tired to make it to the backcamping camp which was another 1.5 miles away.  Instead like the versitile hiker he is, he made camp at the trailhead crossing and will rise with sun to make up time and distance. There was an abundance of Red-Tailed Hawks.  He would have given me more of an update, but he was almost too tired to chew his sandwich.  Told me he was going to sleep long and hard, Do Not Call Him, He Will Not Answer!!  Yes,Sir!  Goodnight Bob.

2008-10-27 03:13:14 GMT
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We recently published an overlay for Google Earth showing the Indian sites we've discovered in the East Bay Hills. We thought you might be interested in checking it out.
It's amazing how many trails in parks like Morgan Territory pass right by (or through) these sites.
--bob bardell
2008-10-28 01:01:34 GMT
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