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Day 3 of Diablo Regional Trail Hike


Sorry for the delay everyone.

First of all we ran into some technical difficulty with the tracking device, SPOT.  As it turns out, user error.  What can I say, Bob isn't much into the tech thing and I never read the directions.  Sorry, if we worried anyone.  Bob is safe and sound.

After I delivered Bob, his supplies and got an update from him on Sunday, I took a little "Trail Angel" liberty, got up early in the morning, YES, before God and the Sun, and took him some hot oatmeal with peaches and cinnamon and a thermos of hot peppermint tea.  I agree, lucky Bob.  Suprise isn't exactly how I would describe it.  I think he thought I was some sort of BEAST outside his tent!  However food in any form calms the savage beast.

He ate, I gazed at the millions of stars.  He said counting sheep might work for others, but a grueling day's hike and a look up at a clear sky were really all it took for him to instantly fall asleep.  Staying asleep, can have it's challenges.  Apparently some rather loud bunnies came by his tent and were intent on waking him up.  I asked if they were giant white rabbits and he just looked at me.  So, the cotton tails have earned the name Thumper.

After warm food and packing camp, he said he was off to conquer more trail.  In Bob fashion, he told me he plans on completing this trail, so he won't need my services anymore til pick-up time, AND DON'T BE LATE.  Huh?  You think he might be tired?  Not want to "Roll" home?  Of course I will be there!


On the way back home from delivering the "suprise" breakfast, a Red Fox crossed my path and a gaggle of Chickens.  I think the chickens might have been upset I gave Bob oatmeal instead of farm raised organic CALIFORNIA FRESH eggs..... You think?

Bob will be posting the final installment on this trip when he returns.  I am sure there will be more than I could ever cover and he will have a few trail tails to tell himself.  Thank you, everyone for all you support.

2008-10-28 13:13:56 GMT
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