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YES on Measure WW!

There can be little question about my unrequited love of the East Bay Regional Park District. Their local (Tri Valley) parks and preserves are my second homes - my wife might tell you they are my first. But a little exploring in any of the District's parks will open your eyes to all that goes on in the world that is good.

I just spent 4 days on a multi - agency trail enjoying the benefits of the vast expanses of open space that are only a few minutes from my home. With the vision of "what can be" in your head, gaze back on what 1988's Measure AA did for the people of Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Huge parcels of land were acquired, trails built, ecologic studies performed, interpretive sites opened. New opportunities to take your family out and enjoy parks in urban, suburban or near wilderness settings have become abundant. For an explorer at heart like myself, that's more than enough to interest me in further land acquisition and parkland development.

Tomorrow we get to vote for a continuation of Measure AA, which funded much of the District's expansion the past 20 years. The sequel, Measure WW on your ballot, will continue the good work of AA without any increase in cost to the taxpayer. The measure will have no new fiscal impact on taxpayers. To sweeten the deal, 25% of the measure's funds will be directed to local community park districts, so they too can grow and keep pace with the demands of an increasing populus.

It's a win / win / win, ecologic quality is maximized and localpark districts benefit. 4wheelbob gives Measure WW a "two wheels UP" nod! I hope you agree with me that the EBRPD has proven to be a wonderful steward of our open spaces - pleae vote YES on Measure WW!




2008-11-03 16:40:18 GMT
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