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My 2009 Wish List

It's a little early, and I may be forgetting a few things I'd normally have high on my "wish list" - trails, mountains, places to see...all those good things I crave this season whjen the weather is not so hike friendly.

Here's the short version. I don't have nearly enough storage for the unabridged list:

5. Get more people outdoors! This may mean YOU! Whether able bodied, disabled or from another planet, nothing provides as much grounding and wonder as a stroll through nature. I'm going to develop the 4wheelbob Hikng Club to a level where you'll just HAVE to be one of our gang.

4. Hike the four urban summits around Phoenix.  This is a short list of very cool peaks in Arizona, and a perfect way to begin 2009. The four are South Mountain, Camelback, Papago Peak and Piestewa Peak. All are do - able in my chair. I plan to do one a day over the course of 4 days. Anything to stay off of I 10...

3. Schedule as many speaking dates as I can. I enjoy talking, as my friends here will tell you. I also enjoy speaking to community groups and charities any time I'm asked. Add to that the PAYING gigs, for big corporate events and such, where I hope to expand my horizons vastly in '09. So if you need a speaker....

2. East to West over the Sierra This has been on the list for a long time. I want to begin on the east side at Onion Valley, head up and over Kearsarge Pass and finish at Road's End in Kings Canyon Nat'l Park. So it'll take a week or thereabouts....why not, eh?

1. The African Dream Oh, come ON! Like you didn't know. Kilimanjaro is my Numbah One quarry this year. And although the trail's a relative cakwalk, the altitude will make it downright dangerous. This trip is steaming ahead into the "reality" stage, but training and some help from friends (sponsors - are you there, Nike?) will be essential. And if I finish THIS one...well, stay tuned for the 2010 extravaganza!

I wish you all a wnderful New Year, and the wisdom to go to your dictionary and cross out the word "can't". You CAN do anything you want. And should!

2008-12-16 18:07:15 GMT
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"make this the best day ever" I am putting it up on my monitor too.
I really enjoyed- and will verify if needed-You do like to talk-(but you do it very well) :-)
2009-01-12 03:20:49 GMT
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